I began training with Kathy in 2008. My blood pressure was up, my energy level low and my weight up. I deeply desired to improve my health, yet didn’t know where to begin! Kathy started with a full evaluation of my eating, my physical strength, posture and overall body structure. She started with a plan for healthier eating.  Then she started with my feet, knees, hip, back and posture. She noticed several issues with my gait, the way I ran and also the way I stood! All of these issues were contributing to many of the aches and pains I was having. From there she built a workout routine and trained me in the proper form and positioning. It was during that time that my body started to feel SO much better. She also worked with me to identify my target heart rate and taught me how to monitor this when working out. This helped push me to work in that target zone for optimal results. As I began to build strength and endurance, she began to increase my workouts and encourage me to reach my potential. I felt great! My clothes fit better, and my immune system seemed to strength as well. I now rarely get sick, sleep better and feel so much healthier!

But all Kathy’s hard work was put to the test when I had a major accident in January 2012. I fell off a ladder while taking down my Christmas lights and broke my right ankle AND tore the ACL in my right knee completely. I first had to have surgery to stabilize my ankle, which involved a metal plate and 7 screws. I didn’t walk for 3 months after that surgery. The muscles in my right leg atrophied, and I began physical therapy. My doctor warned me that recovery was going to be a long road. He didn’t think I would be stable enough to have the ACL in my knee repaired for at least another year. I worked hard in physical therapy and started seeing a sports medicine doctor. Within 3 months I had regained strength and range of motion and was approved for knee surgery!  Kathy would always say “Muscle has Memory”, and she is so right. I had knee surgery in July 2012 and the surgery was a huge success. Because of the nature of having 2 very severe injuries in the same leg, my prognosis for recovery was not great. That said, it was only because of the work I had done with Kathy for the years prior that my body healed as quickly as it did and bounced back as quickly as it did. I recovered very quickly from my knee surgery was back at the gym in August 2012 and was back running by November 2012.

I am so very grateful for trainers like Kathy who take a holistic approach to health and fitness! She did a complete overhaul on, me and the results held up under the most difficult of physical trials I have ever experienced. Without all the work I did with Kathy, I would have never seen the results I did after 2 surgeries. I can’t recommend her enough!


After working with a physical therapist for weeks, I came out of the sessions more injured and in more pain than when I started. I found Kathy and began working with her over the past three weeks. I leave there pain free and get stronger after each session. I appreciate the care and planning that she takes to insure my safety. Even my Chiropractor has seen a positive improvement in my body. Not to mention that I drive from Santa Barbara to get this excellent training. Thank you Kathy!


My results with Kathy is life enhancing. Yes, I’m getting stronger, leaner, but that’s just the beginning. I have noted that I have better clarity of thought, I finish my day with greater energy and the level of satisfaction I experience at doing what I do has been magnified. Training with Kathy just two days a week has improved my ability to serve others as a doctor of chiropractic. What does she do? She kicks my butt and at the end of my sessions, I know that I gave everything I had… and THAT has made all the difference in the world! So… what are you waiting for? You want more out of life and not getting it at a regular gym? Frustrated with the hard work you are doing but not seeing results? Get together with Kathy at Fitness At The Lake and you will — there is NO doubt! By the way… I’m 65 and feelin’ 40. If I can transform, so can you!! Get it done!


Fitness At The Lake is a wonderful place to workout. Not only is the studio beautiful, clean, with state of the art equipment,  but having Kathy as a trainer is amazing! She is motivating and  makes working out fun! Since I started training with her, not only have I lost weight, inches and body fat, but my posture has improved. I feel  so much stronger and healthier. My experience has been Incredible all around! I Highly recommend Fitness At The Lake and Kathy as a trainer for anyone who wants to become a better, healthier and stronger version of themselves!

Sara Victoria 🙂


I have known Kathy for years, first as one tennis pro to another, now as a trainer. The same precision that Kathy used to hone in on one’s tennis game, transfers over to her excellent skills as a fitness trainer. I do not trust my body to just anyone, for I still need it for my tennis career and to maximize performance while reducing risk of injury. She has also analyzed my college athlete son after released from PT for ACL reconstruction. Kathy is definitely on my schedule for my next trip back to the Los Angeles area. In addition, she cares a great deal about each client.