Are You Summer Ready? Is Your Diet Making You Fat?

Summer is only a few months away… Are you ready? Or do you need to lose a few pounds? Is dieting your best option? Maybe not!

Restricting your food intake may seem like a quick way to shed pounds, but experts say diets make you fat in the long run!

Fad Diet plans that promise to FLUSH YOUR FAT AWAY, LOSE 15 POUNDS IN 10 DAYS, JUICE CLEANSES, BLOOOD TYPE DIETS, HIGH PROTIEN DIETS, LOW CARB DIETS (you get the idea) are not the answers to weight loss. If you have been considering dieting because you think you ought to, give some thought to this fact: the vast majority of dieters eventually go back to their pre-diet weight or become heavier than they were before. Most people who start dieting will continue to do so, on and off, for the rest of their lives. If a range of foods is designated as forbidden, dieters feel guilty if they transgress, which makes them feel worse about themselves.

Dieting makes food an enemy, not a source of sustenance and well-being. So-called yo-yo dieting losing weight, putting it back on, losing it again and so on—is bad for your health. If you suddenly reduce your food intake, you body, because it is designed for survival, will slow down your metabolic rate in order to store energy more efficiently. This is why people on a diet crave snacks like chocolate, which gives a quick boost to their energy levels, and why weight loss slows down dramatically after the first couple of weeks.

Weight loss in the early weeks of crash dieting is not, as many people believe, made up mostly of unwanted fat. First you lose those carbohydrates stored in the muscles and liver as glycogen. This is why you feel tired on such a diet and have less energy for everyday activities including exercise because you are losing muscle power. You will also lose a lot of water, which may make you feel less bloated and appear thinner, when in fact you are still carrying the same amount of fat on your body.

How to do it without dieting? BALANCE IS THE KEY. To reach and maintain a reasonable body weight, you need a balanced diet full of nutrients to prevent disease and to ensure optimal energy and psychological well -being. Also, adding 45 minutes of exercise (including weight training) 4-5 days per week will increase your lean muscle mass, raising your metabolism helping you to lose weight.


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